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    While the best advice is to be respectful of all Newfoundland Travel Community members, these guidelines ensure our community remains fun, upbeat, and open to all travelers.

    • Stay on topic. Make your contribution is relevant to the original post.
    • Be polite. Comments that contain inappropriate language, harshly criticize, or disrespect others’ opinions are not allowed. If you can’t write politely, move on.
    • Report guideline violations. Notify the forum administrator.
    • Do not react openly to guideline violations. Someone’s violation is not an excuse for you to respond negatively or react in a way that violates our guidelines. Keep arguments off our boards at all times.
    • Do not advertise or post fake reviews. Proposing transactions or promoting your website, blog, hotel, restaurant, etc for financial gain, pumping traffic to your website, or other marketing intent is prohibited.
    • Do not help people break laws. Sharing how to circumvent visa restrictions, scam hotels, or perform other illegal acts is prohibited.
    • Do not impersonate or invade privacy. Impersonating members of the community will not be tolerated. Do not post private information about others.

    Hotels, restaurants, and other services mentioned on
    may only use our site in a customer service role to respond to a review. You may make a single brief statement, explanation, or clarification with regard to the review in question. You may invite the reviewer to contact you privately either by issuing a phone number, email address (though this may open you up to Spam), customer service related URL.

    You may not… in any way advertise or promote your business. Do not include any URLs that are outside of direct customer service use. For example, giving a link to your site’s homepage will get your post deleted. Discussing aspects of your business unrelated to the review will also get your post removed. You may not make any unsolicited posts regarding your business. Businesses should resolve issues through their own channels and not openly on our boards.

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