Newfoundland Hiking and East Coast Trail

People from all over the world travel to Newfoundland every summer to travel the beautiful East Coast trail.

Whether you’re beginning the trail or ending it in St. John’s you’ll want to stay with us for a good night of rest. Located across the harbour from the first (or final) point of the trail, our establishment is at the center point between Fort Amherst and Signal Hill and is within hiking distance from either point.

The East Coast Trail is a coastal walking and hiking experience that takes you to the outermost reaches of North America, along the scenic shores of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador. It takes you past towering cliffs, high headlands, sea stacks, deep fjords, and even a natural wave-driven geyser called the Spout.

More than 220 km of the Trail from Fort Amherst in historic St. John’s to Cappahayden on the beautiful southern shore have been hardened to world-class walking standards. The Trail is equipped with locational and directional signage and maps to its 18 paths are available to enhance your hike along our shores.

Many of the communities linked by the Trail provide modern conveniences of accommodations, dining, and entertainment, but the majority of the Trail is a wilderness paradise of boreal forest, fresh clean air, and quiet solitude, almost entirely within view of the rugged Atlantic Ocean. If the time is right, a humpback whale might break the surface of the North Atlantic and blow in the distance while a bald eagle soars overhead. Icebergs visit in season and seabirds abound.

The East Coast Trail allows visits to forgotten communities and abandoned settlements, lighthouses and ecological reserves, historic sites a 50-meter suspension bridge at historic LaManche village, and a modern archaeological dig on a 17th-century fishing settlement founded by Lord Baltimore.

Enjoy the Trail, leave no trace, build no fires, and respect the wilderness nature of the East Coast Trail.

Walkers, hikers and seasoned trekkers alike, eagerly tell their stories of the scenic vistas and natural wonders the East Coast Trail has to offer:

  • Eastern-most hiking trail in North America following the rugged shore of the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Spout (a wave driven geyser)
  • 50 metre suspension bridge at the historic abandoned community of LaManche
  • Four Provincial Parks
  • Numerous species of birds, whales, marine and plant life
  • Spectacular icebergs
  • Abandoned settlements and over thirty historic communities
  • Three National Historic Sites including Cape Spear, Signal Hill, and Cape Race
  • Three Ecological Reserves including the Witless Bay Seabird Sanctuary, Mistaken Point and the Avalon Wilderness Area
  • Colony of Avalon archaeological dig at Ferryland
  • 8 historic lighthouses

In the summer and fall, and even late spring, when the icebergs and whales are numerous, Newfoundland has some of the best hiking weather anywhere. The cool breezes off the Atlantic Ocean and the crisp, clean island air make any hike, easy or strenuous, more enjoyable. The best time to come is from April to November.

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October 8, 2018